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Pine CreekGorge

(Photos by Judith andEric)

Harrison Lookout, June 12, 2004

Just on the other side of the mountain across from Ravenwood, two or three miles as the crow flies, is the Pine Creek Gorge (also known as Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon). The 47-mile-long canyon is situated in the Tioga State Forest; it is 1,450 feet deep at its deepest. At Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks, the depth is more than 800 feet and the distance from rim to rim is approximately 4,000 feet. These overlooks offer spectacular views. As shown in the photos below, it is beautiful in any season.


Late September

Thanksgiving Day
November 27, 2003

Early November at the bottom of the canyon

Christmas Day, Looking Toward Ansonia...
where the canyon begins

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