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We Meet EachOther!

Friendships that began on theInternet deepen as we meet each other in person.
(Thanks, Doreen, for the idea for this page)

Chris and Phil
meet for the first time
Pauline (Phil's wife), Chris, Sharon, and Phil

Shirley, Doreen, and Lou meet in Ottawa

Shirley, Doreen, and Wes

The Car Guys and Their Wives
Gail, Becci, Ginnie, and Jeff
At the Pine Creek Gorge
Ginnie, Jeff, Judith, and Bill

Jeff, Anne, and Ginnie meet in Scotland
Lunch on the porch at the Edge
From L: Jan, Norma's husband Mike, Norma, Ed, Jenn

From L: Becci, Shirley, Deb, Anne, Jan, and Carolyn at Judith and Bill's house

Maria's daughter Sonia, Anne, Maria, Becci

Maria, Anne, Gail and Becci, Shirley and Lou

Katy (wife of Ed), Deb, and Carolyn serve Maria's birthday cake.

Jan, David, and Becci in Indiana

Becci and husband Gail, Jan and husband Al,
and David and wife Sheila

Jan and Newt greet David and TJ

Anne and Di's Daughter Wendy in Glasgow
Denise visits Judith at the Edge of the Forest.
Photo taken at the Pine Creek Gorge


Di, Shirley, & Doreen in Toronto,


Shirley and husband Louie, Wes and Doreen, and (in back) Diana and Jim
Doreen and Paula in Toronto

Jan and husband Al (right) vacation
at the home of Ed and his wife Katy


Judith and Carolyn at the Edge of the Forest

Paula and Becci meet in Indianapolis

Cherie, Ross, and Karyn in Melbourne

Jenny, Karyn, and Bron from Oz

Doreen, Ross, and Paula
In Toronto

Maddy, Lindy, and Anne meet in Glasgow
Di and Becci in Texas

The Glasgow Girls: Joan (Maddy's Friend),
Maddy, and Anne

Phil & Bron meet at Bron's house in Melbourne