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We Meet EachOther!

Friendships that began on theInternet deepen as we meet each other in person.

Kay and Becci meet in Portland, Indiana
June 23, 2007
Becci, Phil, and Pauline at
YOPN Conference in Chicago
July, 2007
January 30, 2007
Becci meets Diane and Mitch in Mississippi!

Diana meets Anne in Edinburgh
With Phil and statue of John Lennon in Liverpool
Jan at Deb's House in Upstate New York

(Right) Gone Fishing with Ed in New Hampshire)

Jan and Al visit Judith and Bill
at the Edge of the Forest
Dinner on the porch with Thor
Jim, Jeff, Diana, and Ginnie at Di and Jim's house
with Jeff's 56 Corvette
Ginnie, Jeff, Mitch, and Diane
meet in San Antonio

(Left) Foresters Incognito
Fooling around!
Becci and Judy4etsu
meet in Bristol, Tennessee
YOPN Conference in Washington, DC
July 2006
Phil, Karyn, Judy, Becci
Cheryl, Becci, Paula, Judy
From left: Becci, Cheryl, Phil, Annie, Pauline, Judy
Maria, Phil, and Anne meet in Sunderland, UK, April 21, 2007

Summer 2006
Foresters Were Meeting Everywhere!

Judy & Becci at Becci's house in Indiana
October 2007
Becci with bag she made for Judy
from duct tape
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Janice and Judy at Jan's home in Tennessee