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We Meet EachOther!

Friendships that began on theInternet deepen as we meet each other in person.

Patricia's son Glenn and Diana meet in Sydney
February 2010
PD Cruisin' January 2010
(from left) Pete (Diane's friend), Diane, Dick, Maddie, Ginnie, Jeff
Maddie, Diane, and Ginnie
Diane with Charlie and Sarah at their home
April 2010
Photos are posted with most recent at top of page. More on pages 3 and 4
Diane and Judith at Pennsylvania's "Grand Canyon"
July 13, 2010
Bill and Diane at "Blueberry"
July 13, 2010
After a picnic in the forest
July 13, 2010
Diane and Diana, July 2009
Antipodean Lunch
September 2008
Chat in the garden
Phil and Bron with Charlie
Ginnie, Judith, and Jeff at the Edge of the Forest

August 2008

Jeff makes an important point!
(l to r) Jim, Mitch, Diane, Diana
Mississippi, May 15, 2008
End of a Wonderful Day
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Page 4 of meetings

LOL - Lots of laughter and smiles
Diane, Judith, Ginnie and Maddie
September 20, 2009
Little Rock, Arkansas
Jeff, Ginnie, Maddie, and Dick at
Maddie and Dick's house 11/09