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FeaturedPhotos February 29, 2004

Come Look Out OurWindow

Antler on window ledge was found in the front yard.

The deer linger in the woods
waiting for Bill to put out feed.

Word gets out. It's dinner time!
They start heading down the mountain, single file.

Turkeys frequently arrive with the first deer.

How many deer do you see? There are about 30 in this photo. We have counted as many as 87 at once.

With such closeness, there are bound to be disputes over piles of food (See left)

When a car comes, they run to the forest to hide.

Where's Waldo?

Mr. Big

One guy, that we call "Mr. Big," is the King of the Hill. He takes center stage, even now that he's lost his antlers for the season (See his photo above with the turkey).

Waiting for the "All Clear" Sign

Naptime: One morning last week, these two deer were lying on the bank behind the house.

Dances with Turkeys (featured February 8, 2004)
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