PA canyon 2014

Pine Creek Gorge, May 18, 2014



The Edge of the Forest started as a personal website, but it has evolved into something much more. Inside this site you will find information and support for people living with Parkinson's disease (PD), a collection of original metaphorical stories designed to help people deal with life's stresses, and an album of nature photography. Feel free to go in the direction that interests you. Since there are roads from one section to another, you can always change directions and go on a different trip.

I am a woman with PD and so one section of this site is primarily for people with Parkinson's. It contains my personal story and the stories of many of the people with PD who visit here. Also, there is a chat room, message board, and links to Parkinson's resources. If you have Parkinson's or know and care about someone who does, email me to find out how to join us in the chat room and post messages on the message board.

My husband Bill and I are both retired university professors. His field was counseling and mine was special education. Bill's section contains his wonderful original metaphorical stories. Therapeutic metaphors are a terrific tool for dealing with past and present hurts, anger, worry, and stress (both from people and from illnesses). You'll have to see for yourself. They are fun, intriguing, and very practical.

Whatever part of the site you visit, we hope that the Edge of the Forest will bring you peace, enjoyment, renewal, and inspiration.


Bill and Judith Giddings

Updated 3/23/13